I know there are a lot of misconceptions about Dubsado – one of them being that you can only use Dubsado once you have a fully functioning website.

In short: you don’t.

Here’s why you don’t: 

Jenna is a service provider (for the sake of this, let’s call her a coach) – but she doesn’t really want to set up a website just yet, she wants to focus on getting leads and growing her business (understandable, right?). So she connects with clients on social media and sends them emails and forms back and forth. She provides her clients with a good experience, but she’s not seeing much growth in her business because she doesn’t have the time to focus on her business thanks to all the admin!

She starts to feel stressed and unmotivated and doesn’t really know how to make the process easier – until she comes across Dubsado. She does a bunch of research and realizes that it would be the PERFECT way for her to manage her time with more ease and enjoyability AND not make her feel like she needs a break from it all… but she doesn’t have a website so she doesn’t go for it and she continues along her path doing everything manually (let’s give her a hug, because we all know how frustrating admin can be!).

Do you know how many times I have heard this story or a similar one? 

Too many to count. 

The problem is that many people see the words “embed on your site” and think, well I need a website first. However, you can create lead capture forms, invoices, scheduling, and workflows all WITHIN Dubsado.

Let me repeat that in a different way: you can run your business online with the use of Dubsado regardless of if you have a website or not!

The biggest difference that you will see if you don’t have a website is that it will display “Dubsado” somewhere in the URL as opposed to your website url! HOWEVER, you can still get a personalised URL if you have a domain name (even if your website isn’t set up!). That being said, all the functionalities of Dubsado will remain the same and you will find yourself loving your business life way, way, way more!

If you’re still questioning whether or not Dubsado is right for you – here are 6 quick reasons you should! 

  • Amazing lead capture process from start to finish! 
  • You can embed your lead capture onto your website, but you can easily get the ‘share’ link and share it directly without having your website fully designed yet. Learn more about getting your lead capture sharing direct link here (head down towards the end of the article).
  • Contracts, forms and proposals all in one place! (What a great way to save you and your clients some time by having it all in one)
  • Invoicing and payments
  • Workflow automation!
  • Scheduling
  • Basically, everything in one so you don’t have to pay for a million apps to do it all for you 😉

So get started today with time and energy saving automation, even if you don’t have an amazing website (Just yet!)

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