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Kendra's strategy session Dubsado kit made me realise that there was a much easier, more efficient and just generally better working process that I could take my clients through when they signed up for my website strategy sessions. The videos were so informative AND the canned email templates save so much time!! Thank you Kendra, this is truly worth it!​

Hey, I'm Kendra

Just under 4 years ago, I had extreme overwhelm when it came to organizing my business!

I started off running a photography business with my then boyfriend (now husband) a few years ago and as two young, budding entrepreneurs we started small but soon landed a few wedding clients – and as you can imagine this means we HAD to be organized! 

After endless Google searches and no clear way to organize beyond the basics, I discovered Dubsado in early 2017 – and my life hasn’t been the same since! 

I have managed to switch to a system that allows me to focus on my clients and give them a great experience WHILE I work on my business and my own growth!

Kendra's step-by-step video was SO helpful! She is a true creative and incredible at explaining things in a manner where even someone who is a novice like myself can understand and follow along.
Cindy DeJesus

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