You want more ease and less stress…

But you’re stuck in your inbox, trying to track your leads, onboard new clients, and scheduling and rescheduling client calls.

You’re thinking (or maybe screaming)…
This isn’t what I thought I signed up for!!!


YOU MAY be doing the following:

  • Using what feels like 1 million different software programs to take care of the different aspects of your business, like taking payments and contract signing.
  • Paying a virtual assistant to do your admin for you.
  • Pulling your hair out and feeling totally out of your depth with everything that’s involved in working with your clients!

Don’t worry! There is a better way. It’s time to automate your client journey with Dubsado so you can…

  • have the peace of mind that you’re serving your clients well;
  • get out of your inbox;
  • reclaim your time to do the work you really love!


Uniquely-You Custom Setup

We’ll work together to create your custom workflows. This one-to-one service will take your entire business into account, following your clients through their unique journey. You’ll come out with an efficient system tailored to your business. Be prepared to have more time to serve your clients and spend with your family!

Get-It-Done Templated Setup

After a strategy call to go over the basics of your business, I’ll apply a general workflow process based on your industry. You’ll receive a template so you can set up Dubsado to work for you. Perfect if you’re just starting out and need a client management system to keep you organized and grow with your business.

Kendra Dubsado Expert

As Seen In


After a lot of research I dived into Dubsado but it confused me. I had no clue what I was doing. This is where Kendra stepped in and really helped  me with this. She not only helped me automate it into simple easy steps but also too the time to explain the process in a video call in the end. Kendra is very patient and really good to work with and I’m so grateful our paths crossed. If like me you are struggling with Dubsado, don’t waste time trying to figure it out. I highly recommend Kendra to anyone who needs help with their client onboarding process.

Sheeba K. Dhallu

Artisan Sculptor , Wedding Industry

I really appreciate your expertise, Kendra. You are also thoughtful and supportive. I can’t tell you enough how beneficial it is to have a think partner when completing Dubsado workflows. Thank you for helping me to add this next level to my client experience.

Jacqueline Kennedy

Leadership and Career Coach, Strategy and Grace

I am so grateful to you for getting it all done so quickly for me. This week has flown by and having that off my plate is a massive help and it looks sooo much better than I could have ever done! 100% would recommend you to anyone that needs some help!

Deasha Waddup

Owner, Social Treats

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