You don’t have to tackle your workflows alone!


Scared you are going to miss something in the sea of strung together processes?

Overwhelmed with managing your business from your never-ending inbox?

Tired of recreating the wheel every time a new client needs to be onboarded?

Meet Your Dubsado Workflow Pro!

Let’s automate and simplify your business with Dubsado. You’ll have the peace of mind that you’re serving your clients well. They will love your efficiency. And you’ll have more time to focus on delivering your amazing services!

You need to organize your business so you can spend less time in front of your computer babysitting your operations and more time doing the work you love, right?

I’m Kendra!

I’ve been there!

Before setting up my own workflows, I struggled to stay on top of all the admin tasks on my plate. With each new client, I tried to reinvent the wheel, from signing contracts to billing to scheduling. I had no clear system; no order to what came next in my client’s journey. I was wasting time sorting out every step, when I really wanted to be free to help my clients service their businesses. I needed the confidence that I wasn’t missing anything or dropping the ball.

Dubsado changed everything for me. I was able to automate my admin and communicate clearly with my clients, all while being more available for the work and the people I love.

Are you ready to take the leap? Find out how I’m qualified to help you master your Dubsado workflows!

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I was referred to Kendra by a colleague and as I live in Australia I was unsure about how it would all work. But Kendra was fantastic – she set me up on Dubsado with my workflows and then sent through a video ‘walk through’ to allow me to learn how to use it. She has been so helpful on follow up, answering all of my questions as well. Highly recommended. 

Katrina Lumsden

Interior Decorator, Haven Interiors & Styling

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