This is just the beginning of
carefree client management

It’s time to think about how working with clients can be stress-free

Your clients love working with you. You’re:




Great at 
what you do




Great at 
what you do

They love the service you provide; whether it’s balancing their books, coaching them through a tough time, or snapping their photos! For them, it’s smooth sailing.

But for you, it’s not…. You’re finding yourself spending more time stressed out on the admin, rather than focusing on delivering the best service.

You want to feel calm and collected when working with your clients, not all over the place because of the half-strung together workflows you’ve been trying to use to keep you on track.

By the time the project is done, you need a vacation, but your business shouldn’t make you feel like you need one.

I'm you...

If you were South African. My husband and I worked as photographers for several years, so I’ve been at the heart of a service-based business. We loved spending time with our clients, taking photos, eating a slice of wedding cake (a key moment in all weddings for me!), and traveling all over Cape Town. From rooftops in the city centre to the Cape Winelands, we loved every minute of being part of our clients’ wedding day.

We didn’t love the admin. Taking photos of A couple is exciting. Writing an email to tell them what to wear and where to go? Meh.

I kept Googling photography workflows, systems, hacks, anything that would help me streamline my business. I found a lot of lists of what to pack the night before a wedding, but I wanted the admin side sorted so I could get back to the fun stuff. To my disappointment, Google didn’t teach me how to streamline my admin.

While I was browsing some business Facebook groups and the topic of workflows came up, I discovered what I needed to set up in my business to take care of my admin.



The first thing I set up in Dubsado were the contracts and wedding-day questionnaires. This already changed the game and I didn’t even add in automation yet!

When I added in automation, I went from stressed-out, worrying I would forget something, to being confident and having peace of mind that nothing would fall through the cracks.

After a few months of working on my Dubsado, I started to realize that I can do this for other businesses too! Businesses like yours. You can have your emails automated, clients reminded, and time saved, because once you’re set up with Dubsado, every client is ready to go in just a few clicks.

Five years and countless amazing service-based-business owners later, I’ve served more than 150 businesses by creating workflows and streamlining their admin using Dubsado. Set aside the admin and enjoy every moment of working with clients.

fun facts about me!

I’ll watch or listen to almost any genre you put in-front of me as long as there’s a good story.

Some favourites Stranger Things • Parks and Rec • Billie Eilish • Ed Sheeran.

So the question ‘what is your favourite series, movie or song’ is a really hard one for me!

I went to Bible college for 4 years and I volunteer at our local church (where my husband also works!)

I don’t think ice cream cakes are real cakes #unpopularopinion

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